RavenEye Promos is the product of a two decade journey through television and film production.  Ever since my parents first brought home a VHS camcorder, I've been molding stories within the context of that lens.

During and after college, at Salisbury University on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I worked at WBOC-TV as a Videographer.  First part-time doing sports, then full time upon graduation, doing news and a little bit of everything.  My goal was always to eventually land in Los Angeles and create movie magic, but that timeline got bumped up a bit, when the film Runaway bride began filming in the neighboring town of Berlin, Maryland, soon after graduating.

After working on the film as a Video Assist to 2nd Unit Director Scott Marshall, son of Gary Marshall, I had my incentive and motivation to turn down multiple jobs offers, one in Baltimore and one in York, PA at bigger News Stations, and move to Los Angeles.

After years of toiling in TV and Film on and off camera, and bartending full time to pay the bills, I was offered another opportunity.  While trying to rally investors for a short film I'd written and wanted to direct, a regular at my bar offered to buy me the video camera I needed, in exchange for simply filming his wedding.  I agreed.  A year later, a friend asked me to film his friend's wedding because he couldn't.  The light bulb went off.  I started filming weddings full time within 3 years, and still am to this day. I've been all over the United States filming couples take their vows, as well all over the world; most notably in Sri Lanka, Spain, Greece, and the Bahamas.

Besides weddings, I've also film corporate seminars and events for companies like FOX, Time Warner, and ESPN. I've covered MANY celebrity red carpets during the Oscars, Emmys and more for Glamour.com, among others. My past individual clients include the likes of Jeff Franklin, John Stamos, and Jamie Lee Curtis, and I've had the privilege to film multiple private concerts by artists such as Tom Jones, The Beach Boys, Macy Gray, Peter Noone, Bobby brown, and many more.  The variety of events and projects I've worked on is too extensive to list in its entirety.  That said, what I'm doing now I feel is coming full circle.

Even while in college and at WBOC, I had already began freelancing doing marketing videos for companies and clients my Dad had relationships with, and always had a blast producing them.  (I remember one being for a new flavored tequila called Mystico and another was Kahlua). So when the opportunity came to film a promotional video for a restaurant a few years ago in Los Angeles arose, I jumped at it.

That turned into another, and another, and then a hotel... yada yada... and I have a new favorite pastime.  I've always been a romantic, so I'll always do weddings as well, but one thing I've found, is it's a wonderful yin and yang situation; The strictly creative and story telling aspects of movie making along with all the gadgets of filmmaking, minus the emotional attachment of a love story (usually), means I don't have to be in sappy mode 24/7... It's a welcome trade off, given the edit queues I've had over the years with weddings to catch up on. Bottom line, I love to create and tell stories with purpose, regardless of context; That, and I don't need much to be happy.

My life isn't material driven.  I love to create and inspire within that creation.  While that's not always possible in each marketing or promotional video itself, it DOES provide me with the means to continue doing so with my own passion related video projects on the side. 


The production value and one on one relationship you get with me will far outweigh any money you part ways with in exchange for production services provided.  Be it aerial videography using a drone, or steadicam tours through a new building, or even underwater apparel to capture shots below the surface, I can take the vision in your mind and make it a reality, at a fraction of the cost most larger companies will charge you.  And if you don't have an exact vision, but think a video would help with promoting your business, that's even more up my alley. I'm not happy until you are, regardless if you pay a dollar or two thousand... though for a dollar rate, there will have to be some serious perks.  Hotel in Greece you say?  ;)

Bottom line. I'm always flexible and willing to hear out your needs, and will always give you my fairest, and at the same time, lowest rate possible. So call me now if you have a business you'd like marketing help with, and let's get started. (818)613-5984.

Owner/Head of Production

Jeremy Dayton

RavenEye Promos‚Äč